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15 Dec Choosing Your Garage Door Colour

Have you been stuck studying an array of paint samples, trying to decide on the best colour for your new garage door?

Choosing the right garage door colour can be a surprisingly difficult decision, but the decision becomes much clearer if you know a few simple tricks. We’ve put together this guide to make choosing a garage door colour as simple as possible for you.

Match to Your Home’s Colour Scheme

First things first, think about your home’s colour scheme. Generally, the paint colour you select should blend in with your home’s overall look and structure. Avoid bright colours and strong contrasts, unless you’re looking to make your home stand out.

A simple trick is to match the garage door to your home’s window trim, rather than to your front door. Alternatively, you can go for a colour that blends in with your siding or brick. If you have a red brick home, choose beige or tan for a low contrast, warm neutral that will match the mortar in your brick.

Keep It Simple

When it comes to painting your garage door, it’s best to stick with one colour, instead of a rainbow. Remember to keep your colours consistent and neutral throughout – including the trim. This will make your home look more elegant and well-coordinated. We recommend focussing on a single, non-obtrusive colour that will help make your home look more spacious. Colorbond of course is always preferable to painting your door as it provides a maintenance free finish far longer than a painted surface.

Choose A Colour Scheme That Reflects Your Personality

This may seem contradictory to our suggestion to ‘keep it simple’, but if your house’s design is modern and bold, or you live in a colourful neighbourhood, it makes sense to go for a bolder colour garage door, making it your home’s focal point. The key here is to make sure the colour you choose is complementary with the rest of your house.

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