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Delivering the highest quality garage door service since 1978

We are a leading supplier and installers of garage doors in residential, commercial or industrial sector in QLD, Brisbane. We will provide a regular service schedule for your B&D garage doors, so you can rest easy knowing an expert repairer is taking care of you.

All our products are covered by factory warranty, so if you need any repairs, we will attend to them as quickly as possible. Our service technician has over 30 years of experience with the B&D brand. Our policy is to fix it right the first time, but just in case, we also carry a 90 day warranty on our repairs. Our service vehicle carries all the spare parts needed for common repairs, so we can identify and fix the problem on the spot.

Our experienced staff are happy to provide you with a free measure and quote and discuss your garage door needs. Share the details in the form in the right corner to get quick response or Call D&K Doors right away at (07) 3854 1114.

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We offer a free measure and quote service and our experienced staff will be happy to discuss your needs for residential garage doors.

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For projects of any size – if your business needs a reliable solution our professional team can handle projects of commercial garage doors of any size



We offer the same quality of service should you require any repairs while your doors and operators attended to as quickly as possible

Why do you need to service your garage door regularly?

The garage doors are the largest and often the most neglected appliances in any home. Just like any heavy equipment, even your garage door needs to be checked regularly to ensure its safe operation and longevity.

Over its use, the garage door can develop a number of wear and tear issues that need to be looked at by a professional. You must regularly check that your garage door is always running smoothly to ensure that there are no accidents and that the safety of your family is ensured.


Why Should You Call A Professional For Your Residential/Commercial Garage Door Repairs?

Always call a professional to repair and maintain your garage door. There are a lot of small moving parts that make up a garage door. It is a heavy and complex piece of machinery and if not handled professionally can lead to hazardous situations. Even if you are handy around the house, often when people try to do garage door repairs by themselves, they can make the problem even worse. This is why you should always leave the repairs and maintenance of garage doors to professionals like us. Have a look at some of our garage doors installed across Brisbane to make an informed decision for your house or office.

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