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If you’re looking for the ideal garage door, a Tilt-A-Door is a simple yet versatile option from D&K Doors. If you haven’t heard of a tilt garage door before, here are a few reasons why it may be the perfect option for you.


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    Benefits of Tilt-A-Doors for your home


    A Tilt-A-Door has the fewest moving parts of all garage doors. Unlike roller or panel lift doors, tilt garage doors are a single frame construction. With a simple mechanism and no tracks required, there aren’t many things that can go wrong with a Tilt-A-Door. This means that any maintenance or repairs needed down the line should be simple and straightforward.


    Since a tilt garage door is a single piece of material, you have lots of options for customisation. Plywood, timber, steel, aluminium and more materials are available to you. These can be solid, slatted, or embossed in any pattern you like. You can even include windows into your design, with various degrees of transparency available to suit your privacy needs.


    Whether you use your garage for your vehicle, storage space or both, every centimetre counts. Since tilt garage doors lie flat against the ceiling, they take up much less space than other doors. This leaves more space for taller cars or ones with roof racks, especially in older low-ceiling homes


    If you like to give your house a makeover every few years, a tilt garage door is the best option for you. When replacing one with another, most Tilt-A-Door parts can be reused for the new door. This is both convenient and cost efficient for you, without limiting your design options.


    Our tilt garage door has strengthened bearings and zinc-plated fittings for greater durability. Each Tilt-A-Door comes with an anti-sway bracket to limit lateral movement. Track fittings also feature weather strips to keep out water and leaves even in heavy summer storms.

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